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Intanto a davos

Segnalati da Euro-topics
European Press Review of 28/01/2009 — Jyllands-Posten – Denmark
A changed world in Davos
Commenting on the World Economic Forum in Davos, the daily Jyllands-Posten points out that a
redistribution of roles and finding solutions to the crisis in a changed world are at the top of today’s agenda. "The major emerging economies like China, India and Brazil have made it clear they want a different agenda to that of the old industrial states. We will see this not only in the climate debate but also as regards the necessary changes in the international financial system, where the industrial nations must admit their mistakes and the shortcoming of their crisis management. The World Economic Forum is unlikely to produce the key to solving all the problems. But as many persons attending it are entrusted with taking on these mammoth tasks there is hope that we will at least get a preview of the path the world must take to conquer the recession." (28/01/2009)
Trouw – Netherlands | Friday, November 14, 2008

The herald of a new world order
Representatives of the world’s most important industrialised and emerging states (
G20) are to meet on Saturday for a financial summit in Washington. According to the daily Trouw the meeting ushers in a new world order in which non-Western countries like China will play a greater role: "The G20 seems more a reflection of the new economic and political balance of power in the world than an enlarged G8. Important, too, is that unlike the G8 it is not an exclusive Western club. … Too often we forget that the entire world order is a Western creation. International law, institutions like the UN, the WHO and the OECD as well as the majority of international treaties are Western initiatives that according to non-Western countries do not always serve their interests. The financial crisis offers these countries a golden opportunity to reform the current world order. And this will be to the detriment of us, the Western states. It will lead to new tensions between states. But new dependencies can also have a stabilising effect. … The upcoming G20 Summit could be the herald of a new inter-polar world."

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