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Il Baltico non esiste

The Baltic – a dubious collective name
Latvia has been harder hit by the economic crisis than Estonia. However the false image of a homogenous Baltic region will mean that the problems of one country are automatically seen to be affecting the others, the daily Postimees writes critically. “The rest of the world often lumps the three Baltic states together both economically and politically. This perception doesn’t fit in at all with our own image of ourselves. After all, we would prefer to be like Finland – but nonetheless it doesn’t make sense to continually ignore this fact. Improved cooperation among the Baltic states would not replace relations between Estonia and Finland nor would it compete with our ties with the European Union. Hard times are a challenge for everyone, and it will be easier to overcome the crisis together. As far as the rest of the world is concerned the central point of the Baltic region is in [the Latvian capital] Riga, but that need not be negative for us. Three small states acting together can offer more possibilities than if they each act separately.” (07/04/2009) Vedi Euro-topics

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