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Sul passato comunista in Romania

Carmen Musat on the condemnation of the communist past , Observator Cultural – Romania (07/07/2009)
Carmen Musat, editor-in-chief of the weekly Observator Cultural, writes about the reviewal of the communist past, picking up on the question raised by Polish journalist Adam Michnik: “How can we confront the past?”: “After the fall of communism we basically plucked up the courage to criticise [former communist head of state Nicolae] Ceauşescu and his criminal ideology. But today we reserve the right to ignore the abuses of the current president, the cronyism and corruption at the highest levels, and to remain silent about it. … We talk loudly about the Ceauşescu clan and the promotion of the communist president’s son to the ranks of the communist politicians, but we maintain a philosophical silence when this mentality is revived before our very eyes. The immediate reality is no doubt absurd, but to compensate for the silence of the golden age [Ceauşescu’s times] we need to react to the abuses of those currently in power, for the past should not be condemned only rhetorically.”  Segnalato da euro/topics

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