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Le repubbliche baltiche, al plurale

Segnalato da Euro-topics, 03/11/2009
Postimees – Estonia – Marked differences between Baltic economies
In its autumn reports on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania the International Monetary Fund (IMF) arrives at widely diverging conclusions, the Estonian daily Postimees notes: “The material on Estonia takes up only four pages, for Lithuania it’s only one and a half, but for Latvia it’s 114. And also as regards content, the documents differ greatly from each other: with Lithuania the situation is described and there are just a couple of general recommendations regarding tax policy, while Latvia is subjected to meticulous scrutiny. … With Estonia, on the other hand, terms like ‘considerable efforts’, ‘remarkably successful’, ‘surprisingly simple tax system’ and so on predominate. … Since the documents on the Baltic states were written in English and are accessible to all, it’s no wonder the extremely different situations in the three countries are also drawing international attention.”

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